About Us

has grown far beyond the original scope of what we started with.  We now have worldwide membership ministry members doing work in programs such as:






(foreign language)




We are a ministry (outreach). 

We claim no territory save for the Kingdom of God as promised us in the Bible. 

Our mission is to share Jesus Christ with the general community at the point of their needs.

Membership is open to all denominations, you must be born again Christian. However, so that the ministry can get to know you, your commitment and your walk with Jesus Christ, we do ask that you fill out our application and if possible, submit a Letter of Good Standing from your home church pastor or priest.

IN HIS HANDS was founded as an outreach in 2008, and became a motorcycle ministry in 2009, expanding to worldwide ministry work in 2010. The Lord has truly blessed this ministry!

IN HIS HANDS Ministries [I.H.H.M.] is an organization that begins where others leave off.  It is structured to be loving and accepting of ALL of  God's children no matter what their lot in life is. If you have been rejected, cast out, turned away, looked down upon, if your home is a mansion or a cardboard box, IN HIS HANDS MINISTRIES is for YOU!

We declare Jesus Christ as the Head, the Holy Spirit as our power, and the Word of God as our guide.  I.H.H.M. is open to all Christians regardless of race, color, or denominational affiliation, provided they believe:

1. In the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.  [Matthew 1:23]

2. Jesus is the only begotten Son of God.  [John 3:16]

3. Jesus lived a sinless life.  [2nd Corinthians 5:21]

4. Jesus' vicarious death on the cross was for the sins of the world.  [John 1:29]

5. Jesus was resurrected on the third day and now sits at the right hand of God making intercession for believers.  [1st Peter 2:23; Mark 16:19; Acts 2: 23; Hebrews 1: 3; 1st Timothy 2:5]

6. Jesus will come again in the future for His church. [1st Thessalonians 4:16-17; Acts 1:11]

7. Jesus is the only name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.  [Acts 4:12]

Come join us in this exciting and dynamic missionary effort for the Lord.  Every member is a missionary.  To assist you are T.E.A.M. Reps, the I.H.H. Pastors, Evangelists, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit.