Our Mission

Our Mission

IN HIS HANDS Ministries is a non - profit, democratic, member driven group of Christian men and women. The organization's main purpose is to lead and guide our brothers and sisters into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We endeavor to give positive direction and counsel on living under the authority of power of God in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Our members are encouraged to join and participate in their local churches and become missionaries through this ministry.

I.H.H.'s primary mission is to organize witnessing T.E.A.M.s [Telling Everyone About the Messiah] of two or more members, who will attend rallies and events. These T.E.A.M.s will witness to individuals they meet along the way. I.H.H. will share the Gospel of Christ at secular and Christian events by participating in activities ranging from but not limited to, leading worship services to participating in helping-hands activities.

I.H.H. is a relatively new organization that is now ministering in most states as well as several countries worldwide. We believe that each member is a messenger of our Lord, Jesus Christ. A member can work alone or be a part of local T.E.A.M. Two or more I.H.H. members may apply for a charter to become a local T.E.A.M. Becoming a T.E.A.M. enables them to witness to the lost in their own vicinity and participate in Christian community services.

I.H.H. believes that local T.E.A.M. is the backbone of this organization. It will support the T.E.A.M.s efforts by supplying them with literature to be used at campouts and rallies.

I.H.H. differs from other organizations in that:

1. We are a democratic organization. The members elect a Board of Directors who in turn elect a chairman each year. The chairman presides over the board meetings and carries out its directives. The Board of Directors will establish governing policies of I.H.H.. The members play an active role in decision-making.

2. The only head of I.H.H. is our Lord, Jesus Christ.

3. There are no paid officers. Each person in the organization donates his or her time and talents in fulfilling the duties of the position he or she holds. All monies received as donations from any source are used in assisting our members and T.E.A.M.s in their Christian outreach and endeavors.

4. Members are urged to join any group that they desire and let their Christian light shine.